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    Self-value added
    Last week, a handsome foreign teacher gave an employee training session at SkyFun

    It is very important for the clerk's ability to survive in the fight against the environment. In the face of competition from all parties, the company needs to continuously learn, stimulate the continuous driving force and combat effectiveness, and support the business to develop faster and better. Learning is the most effective means of self-improvement.


    This training specially invited sales instructors from Argentina to come to the professors to face the methods and skills of customers in various countries.

    This training is also the first foreign teacher's English speech in the many trainings.

    I remember the famous writer Zhang Xiaoyu said: The best investment is to invest in yourself. In fact, both men and women should always be in the state of self-improvement and state of action. After all, in this fast-growing society, most opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

    This targeted training, all foreign trade salesmen are very valued, I believe that everyone has gained more or less method experience.

    I hope that everyone can add value to themselves in the workplace. "Learning" will get a life closer to the ideal...